Stefano is a 3rd-generation entrepreneur. In the '80s he started working in the family company from the bottom , which allowed him to gain a certain experience in all the activity sectors. He successfully got through a company crisis thanks to his natural ability to find innovative solutions for solving the problems.

He has developed a disposition to examine and anticipate the continuous and deep changes in the market of his enterpreneurial activity, often leading to huge differences between the business expectations and the results reached.

Stefano Mastagni offers a new approach to the entrepreneurial activity, thus changing the substantially negative idea often associated to a company reorganization. Today, it is more often important to underline the positive connotations linked to the growing opportunities deriving from a productive management of the company. Therefore, now the ability of anticipating and reacting to change factors is fundamental for keeping or creating one's own competitive advantage at acceptable risk conditions during periods of crisis.

In terms of recovery, reorganization or liquidation processes - mainly of small and medium-size companies - Stefano Mastagni cooperates with legal advisers and accountants heading the company in the implementation of a reorganization plan aimed at relaunching it and making it newly solid and profitable.